We develop our work over a long time, we experiment, we train, we build things, and most of all… we pay everyone! And that’s where you can help.

Your donation supports the innovative collaboration you expect from Liars & Believers.

Where’s your donation go? Well, for example…

Salary for 1 actor per year – $1,800

Theater rental for 1 week – $1,000

Renting lights for a show – $350

Building 1 mask – $250

Building 1 puppet – $200

Costumes for 1 actor – $200

Laundering costumes each week – $25

Tape – $10

Plus, we wash costumes, rent vans, print posters, mail cards… and pay insurance!

Will you help out?

Liars & Believers is a 501c3 non-profit, so your entire donation is tax-deductible.


You can send a check to:
Liars & Believers
35 Fairmont Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

Want to sponsor an actor? A performance? A costume? A puppet? Email our Artistic Director, Jason Slavick, at

Thanks for your help and support! We look forward to seeing you at our next show!