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“I saw something extraordinary at OBERON last night.”

New England Theatre Geek



New York Musical Theatre Festival 2013
ICARUS Honorable Mention Book

New York Musical Theatre Festival 2013

New York Musical Theatre Festival 2012
Le Cabaret Grimm Excellence in Design

New York Musical Theatre Festival 2012
Le Cabaret Grimm Outstanding Performance

New York Musical Theatre Festival 2012
Le Cabaret Grimm Excellence in Choreography

Commissioned by Outside the Box 2015 to create Yellow Bird Chase


‘Irresistible’ Is An Immersive Variety Show With A Message About Our Politics Today


Liars & Believers’ ‘IRRESISTIBLE’ Flips The Script To Give A Diverse Cast Creative Control


Liars & Believers ‘IRRESISTIBLE’ Applies Woke Spin to Vaudevillian Concept

Theater Mirror

Reflecting On Liars & Believers Recent Event – ‘Irrestistible’ coLab

The White Rhino Report

Anything But Typical: ‘Irresistible’

The New England Theatre Geek



“… a delight no matter how young (or old) a kid you might happen to be.”


“The creativity and ingenuity of this theater troupe is without parallel.”

The White Rhino Report

“…utterly charming.”

The Theater Mirror



“I saw something extraordinary at OBERON last night…”

New England Theatre Geek

“…the buffoonery is delightful… ingenious score… fight choreography is stellar…. Liars and Believers make this challenging journey from the sunny to the sinister with impressive ease.”

The Arts Fuse

“It’s gorgeous, immersive, ambient spectacle…. Who Would Be King is a silly, subversive show with something profound at its core, a sharp wit and a big heart…”

The New Worcester Spy

“Liars and Believers draws once again on their bulging theatrical tool kit…. This is a show with a heart, a mind, and red plastic noses all around.”

Edge Media Network

“Who Would Be King is a relevant and intellectual challenge with a stunning ensemble.”

Times Square Chronicles

“… the audience is drawn magically into this allegory that is a tragic tale of Biblical dimensions—with a touch of Greek hubris tossed into the mix—in the guise of a kiddy clown show (bulbous red noses included).”



“…you can see Mr. Slavick’s sardonic aims and envision ‘Icarus’ really taking off.”

Scott Heller, New York Times

“Slavick and his company have stuffed lightning into a bottle.”

Kilian Melloy, EDGE Boston

“They delight and mesmerize.”

Theatre is Easy review

“[T]his musical has special, magical qualities that make it well-worth seeing. Fly with ‘Icarus’—you won’t be disappointed.”

Robert Nesti, EDGE Boston

“[A] unique musical experience.”

Gianfranco Lentini, nytheare.com

“[M]agic is translated via inventive blocking and human powered movement of set pieces and puppets.”

Noe Kamelamela, New England Theatre Geek

“One marvels at the sheer simplicity and transparency of the effects. Therein lies the magic.”

Kathryn Adisman, Usher Nonsense



“It’s a visually rich, kinetically sophisticated, and musically rewarding evening.”

Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe

“I’m going to gush, but I loved this musical so much; I kinda want to take it home and marry it. By which I mean get absolutely naked with it.”

Montserrat Mendez, nytheatre.com

“Le Cabaret Grimm is the perfect show for anyone out there who enjoys a classic tale or impeccable presentation.”

Joseph Samuel Wright, Theatre Is Easy

“…it’s a creative and clever romp that dares to dream big.”

—Marti Sichel, Woman Around Town

“Le Cabaret Grimm…is a visual dazzler.”

Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway

“[O]ne of the funniest shows happening this season.”

—Michelle Beehler, Tufts Daily


“…a part of Boston history.”

—John Herring, The New England Theatre Geek

“…a fast-paced delight of rich story-telling manifest in every possible theatrical expression–lights, colours, music, and movement.”

—Caroline Fong, Social Caroline

“…an extremely thought provoking performance.”



“…a beautiful ode to the pain of anonymity brought about by the modern technological era…”

Danielle Rosvalley, NE TheatreGeek.com


“…the region’s most experimental and visionary artists.”

JC Stoller, Boston Survival Guide

“I believe the word is ‘trippy.’”

—Neil Gaiman

“…fascinating from start to finish – I was disappointed when it ended because I wanted it to keep going.”

—Sarah V., Concert Manic!

“Based on a short story by Neil Gaiman, the production’s superb use of sound and space ended up transforming the original short story from its urban-legend Americana into a play that does its best when imagining the grand, epic mythologies of what attracted that wanderer to climb up to the Labyrinth in the first place.”

—Christine A. Hurd, The Harvard Crimson