28 Seeds

An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Steampunk Musical

What happens when an experimental theatre company gets together with a steampunk musical phenomenon? Let’s just say, it’s not the end of the world.

Oh wait, it is…

Liars & Believers and Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys present an Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Steampunk Musical.

Boston Center for the Arts

Artistic Team


28 Seeds Concept Art


Z's Lab concept sketch by Zeynep Bakkal

News desk concept sketch by Zeynep Bakkal

Oxy-Gen concept sketch by Zeynep Bakkal

sketches by Zeynep Bakkal

sketches by Zeynep Bakkal



“…a part of Boston history.” – John Herring, The New England Theatre Geek

“…a fast-paced delight of rich story-telling manifest in every possible theatrical expression–lights, colours, music, and movement.” – Caroline Fong, Social Caroline

“…an extremely thought provoking performance” – fondazionebassetti.org

@TheWildMinded: #28Seeds is fantastic, funky steamcrunky, dada delicious, crazy colorful cool. Check it out!!

@dysonsound: Hard to call this musical theatre. I think it’sa whole new breed of live entertainment. #28Seeds