About Us

With each show, we figure it out as we go – anything is up for grabs. We want to take you on a journey that makes you say, “Wow that was great! What was that?” We’re turned on by creating something new, bringing people together, and learning new things. We want you to share, interact, and play with us too.

Our Mission

Create original live performances that move the heart, challenge the mind, and feast the senses.

Explore manifold performance forms.

Expand the audience for live theatrical performance.

Enrich our community.

How do we do it?

We spend 10–24 months developing our shows through improvisation-based workshops and learning new skills. Periodically, we present our works-in-progress at free public showings. We take feedback from the audience to learn what works and guide our development. Along the way, we share our progress through web videos and social media.


Board of Directors

Dr. Jonathan Garlick DDS, PhD

Patricia Bourke, M.S.

Ahron Herring, MBA
Board Member

Jason Slavick
Vice-President and Clerk

“…the region’s most experimental and visionary artists”

Boston Survival Guide

Liars & Believers is a member of StageSource, ArtsBoston, and the Small Theatre Alliance of Boston. We’re also an UP Designated company, committed to making our work accessible to as many people as possible. Find out more about UP here.

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