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about us

Why a new theatre company in Boston?

Liars & Believers expands the language of live performance, exploring the widest variety of theatrical forms, creating accessible, unique shows that meaningfully engage the world we share.

The majority of theatre offerings in Boston fall within the bounds of text-based naturalism. Drawing on the wealth of exciting artists in Boston and integrating them, we strive to redefine the very meaning of theatre in Boston and the audience for it. We seek to make our home base of Boston a center for theatrical innovation as we tour beyond.

What do we do?

Liars & Believers combines movement and dance, live singing and music, puppetry, mask, clown, spoken text, and any other performance forms in interdisciplinary works that are moving, thought-provoking, and a sensory explosion. Employing performers with a wide array of expertise, we create exciting Performance Events.

In addition, we promote the work of other artists who are creating exciting, alternative work. Online, we connect audiences and artists, creating a community that fosters communication and collaboration.

We're committed to creating an environment for making and experiencing theatre for everyone. We don't play by the usual theatre rules. We want you to share, interact, and play with us.

Who is our audience?

Liars & Believers reaches out to everyone looking for fun and open to the unexpected. We are committed to developing an audience interested in theatre, concerts, dance, circus, and spectacle.

Liars & Believers creates and promotes work that is both entertaining and intelligible. Art is first and foremost Entertainment, and its primary responsibility is to embrace, engage, and inspire its audience.

Liars & Believers is a member of StageSource, ArtsBoston, and the Small Theatre Alliance of Boston